Ce Patli is an expression in the Nahuatl language that means Our First Medicine
We strive to exhume the precious value of native foods originated in Mexico and to the South of the Continent

Ce Patli es una expresión en el idioma náhuatl que significa nuestra primera medicina
Nos esforzamos por exhumar el valor precioso de los alimentos nativos originados en México y al Sur del Continente

Items we offer:

*HOT READY TO EAT SWEET Non GMO Handmade Vegan Tamales 
(We cook and process the corn with Lime/Cal (nixtamal) and ground it ourselves)
Tamales Variety List (Varies on seasonal fruits and market request)
*Cacao/Chocolate (Handmade Chocolate)
*Seasonal Berries (Strawberry-Yerena Farms, Blueberry)

*HOT READY TO EAT SAVORY Non GMO Handmade Vegan Tamales
(We cook and process the corn with Lime/Cal (nixtamal) and ground it ourselves)
Tamales Variety List (Varies on seasonal market request)
*Tomato with Xoconostle (cactus fruit) Sauce
*Tomatillo with Spirulina Sauce

*Organic Blue or White Corn Handmade Tortillas
*Organic Blue or White Corn Handmade Baked Tostadas

*Organic Blue or White Corn & Amaranth Flour Blends
*White and Blue Corn Masa Harina
*Hungry Coyote Blue Corn Gluten Free Pancake Mix

*Handmade Organic Chocolate/Cacao

Contact us to place your order or visit us one of our Farmers' Markets we attend.

Ce Patli @ Japantown Farmers' Market every Sunday 8:30am-12pm

  Every Sunday from 8:30am-12:00pm at Japantown Farmer's Market.
Jackson Street between Sixth and Seventh Streets ,
Enter from Jackson St, or 7th Street, or 6th St Parking lot.
Meters and Public Parking FREE on SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS in Japantown!
OPEN on Festival Days till 1pm
Market on Vacation: December 25, 2016 & January 1, 2017

Ce Patli @ Portola Valley Farmers' Market
every Thursday 2pm-6pm (Winter 2pm-5pm)
765 Portola Road Portola Valley Ca

About Our Ingredients:

  • Tlashkaltin: Handmade Tortillas Made with Organic Blue Corn,   just three ingredients - blue corn, filtered water and cal.
  • Totopoktli: Baked Tostadas Made from our Handmade Organic Blue Corn Tortillas lightly brushed w/Avocado Oil.
  • Sweet Tamales: We offer Cacao and Cinnamon Raisin tamales made with fresh ground organic white corn and cinnamon tea. Our Blueberry and Mesquite varieties are made with fresh ground blue corn and star anise tea.  Our tamales are vegan made with fair trade organic palm fruit shortening and organic coconut sugar.
  • Hungry Coyote Gluten Free Pancake Mix made with our own freshly grounded organic blue corn flour.
  • Organic Blue and White Masa Flour blended with Amaranth Flour to make your own complete protein tortillas at home.

It all began with our ancestors' connection to our source to be guided toward this ancient process that would transform corn by cooking it in an alkaline solution, either cal (calcium hydroxide) or wood ash, making it easier to digest and making more of its nutrients available for absorbption.

We take pride in offering fresh products made from nixtamal, using only non-genetically modified corn and a high purity source of cal.

  • Our family has been advocating for native food sovereignty for over ten years.
  • We highly value the traditional tortilla made from real nixtamal freshly grounded.
  • We hope to inspire families to slow down and make tortillas with your children for healthy living.

Contact Us To Serve you By Appointment Only.
We are located in central San Jose, Ca.

Tel/Text: 408-757-4954

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We reply within 24 hours !